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Teddy Bear Day Care Center, Inc. offers high quality and affordable day care services for ages 6 weeks through 12 years, Monday through Friday 6:30AM to 6:00PM, in Wilton, NY. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of care for your child(ren). Please contact us for enrollment information about our current rates.


Contact Teddy Bear Day Care Center, Inc. today at 518-584-2273 for enrollment information.

Attendance Requirements and Weekly Rates for 2015

All schedules must be pre-arranged and approved through the Directors.

Teddy Bear Day Care Center, Inc. is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 6 pm.


The minimum attendance requirements to enroll your child in Teddy Bear Day Care Center are:

  • 2 full days for children aged 3 years old and up (Preschooler and PreK)

  • 3 full days for children aged 18 months to 3 years old (Waddlers and Toddlers)

  • 4 full days for children aged 18 months and under (Newborns and Infants)

  • 5 days are required for the before & after school program for School-Age Children. This program has its own specific attendance & rate requirements.  Please ask for that information sheet if looking for school age care.

  • Full days are when a child starts no later than 9 am and leaves anytime after 3:30 pm.  Drop off later than 9 am or pick up before 3:30 pm is not permitted.  We do not permit any half day schedules.

  • Schedules are for specific contract days and hours.  We do not accommodate floating day schedules.

We provide day care, kids care and babysitting services to Wilton and surrounding areas.

Weekly Fees:

  • Sibling Discount is given to siblings over three, when both siblings attend the same hours.      

  • Example #1:  Two Toddlers attend 40 hours: 2 X $260.00 = $520.00

  • Example #2:  One Infant and one sibling over the age of three at 40 hours: $265.00 + $240.00 = $505.00

  • Contracted weekly fees remain the same regardless of your child’s attendance.

  • Tuition is due in the morning of the first day of the week the child usually attends, typically Monday.

Additional Fees:

  • There is a $5 charge for everyday tuition is late.  If payment is over two weeks late, care will be terminated and collection action will be taken.  Court costs plus attorney’s fees will be added to the balance due.

  • $5 charge will be added to every 1-15 minutes that a child is dropped off early or picked up late.  You will be billed once late fees have been processed.  At times, this may take over a month.

  • Pickup after 6pm will be $5 for the 1st minute and $1 for every minute late thereafter, per child.

Vacation and Sick Time:

Your child may be taken out of Day Care for two full weeks per anniversary year for vacation and/or sick time without paying a fee. This must be taken as a full week from Monday to Friday. We do not do individual days. Two weeks advance notice in writing is required for vacation time. Sick time requires a doctors note indicating illness and that they must be out for the full week. These two weeks are credited yearly, based on your child’s anniversary date. If written notice is not received, you account will not receive a credit.

Holidays, Staff Development and Emergency Closing Days:

The Center will be paid for the following closed days if they fall on your child’s contracted days:

Staff Training Day

  • Friday, April 10, 2020


Closed Holidays:

  • New Year’s Day (Jan 1, 2020)

  • Memorial Day (May 25, 2020)

  • July 4th (July 3, 2020)

  • Labor Day (September 7, 2020)

  • Thanksgiving (November 26, 2020)

  • Christmas Eve & Day (December 24 & 25, 2020)


The Center is also able to take up to two paid days, per year, for emergency closings. Examples include, power outages, snow days, health issued breakouts, etc.  Late openings or early closings are permissible when warranted and tuition fees remain due.  Please watch channels 6, 10, 13 for the emergency closing notices stating Teddy Bear Day Care (Gansevoort or Wilton).

Sibling Discounts Available

Teddy Bear Day Care Center, Inc.



Hours of


per Week

Newborns & Infants

(6 weeks to

18 months old)

Waddlers & Toddlers (18 months to 3 years old)

Preschooler & PreK & School -  Age ( 3 to 12 years old)

Sibling Discount (Sibling(s) over 3)

From 50.01 to 57.5

From 45.01 to 50

From 40 to 45

Under 39.99




$7.30 per hour




$7.00 per hour




$6.70 per hour




$6.40 per hour