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Teddy Bear Day Care Center, in Saratoga Springs, NY

Teddy Bear Day Care Center is a supportive child care center that provides the best care in Saratoga Springs, NY. Child care to us starts at six weeks and goes on until 12 years old. We provide caring and nurturing child care and house up to 101 children.


Teddy Bear Day Care Center has a staff of amazing care providers that are certified to take care of your children. We believe in structure, culture, and most of all nurturing your child during some of the best years of their life. Teddy Bear Day Care Center is a place that children can call a home away from home.


We respect parent's needs to want to work, have a day to themselves, run errands, appointments, exercise, etc without having to take their child with them. Teddy Bear Day Care Center has been providing safe, secure, and innovative child care services since 1998.

Serving Saratoga Springs, Wilton, Gansevoort and surrounding areas.

Call us today for more enrollment information.


Having the Teddy Bear Day Care Center in your life will allow you to spend more time for yourself and on your career. It is just as important to work on your career as it is for your child to develop the proper social skills they will receive here at our center.


Teddy Bear Day Care Center is the place to be for children who want to enjoy some time with other children while learning in a nurturing and understanding environment. When children come to our center, they leave healthier and happier every day. You can rest assured that your child is in the hands of loving and licensed professionals who have your child's best interest at heart. We provide quality care when you're not there.


For more information on how you and your child(ren) can be a part of Teddy Bear Day Care Center, please call (518) 584-2273 today. We would be happy to speak with you.

Nurturing & Understanding